How many bookings does SpeakerMatch have every month?

It's important to note that due to the nature of the SpeakerMatch service it is impossible to know the exact number of paid opportunities. Most often, organizers will search our directory, find a speaker, and book them without ever letting us know. With that said, we do receive 20-50 engagements per month listed as an open call for speakers that are then emailed out to our members based on expertise. 

60% of these listings are for low-fee and no-fee engagements (under $500), while the remaining 40% are for engagements which pay $500 and up (25% are over $1500, 18% are over $2,500, and 11% are over $5,000). We are continually working on adding new opportunities and on exploring new venues. 

Members can search for these opportunities by date, location, topic requirements, and many other criteria. Each engagement represents multiple speaker openings. One engagement, for example, may require 5 speakers. Some of our listings come from large conferences and conventions where organizers are seeking 40, 100, 200 or more breakout session leaders. We also list a substantial number of ongoing opportunities across the country (speakers needed on a monthly to quarterly basis). Often, expenses are covered even when there is no speaking fee, but this differs from engagement to engagement. The job listing page indicates which opportunities include speaking fees, travel fees, and whether or not expenses are paid. For any given job on the SpeakerMatch Job Board, on average, there are about seven applicants. This, of course, depends on the area of expertise the organizers are looking for, the date/location of the event, and the fee being offered.