How many bookings does SpeakerMatch have every month?

We understand that knowing the number of bookings is crucial for speakers. Here's an overview of how our booking system works and what you can expect.

Monthly Engagements and Job Board Dynamics

Job Board

  • Engagements Posted Monthly: We typically have 30-60 new engagements posted each month on our job board.
  • Variety of Opportunities:
    • 32%: Low-fee and no-fee engagements (under $500).
    • 68%: Higher-fee engagements:
      • 48% $501 - $1,500
      • 12% $1,501 - $2,500
      • 4% $2,501 - $5,000
      • 4% over $5,000

Direct Requests

  • Direct Inquiries: For each new job board listing, there are about 4 to 8 direct requests.
  • Contact Methods: Planners can contact you directly through your profile, phone, or information request form.

Application Rate

  • Average Applicants per Job: Typically, there are about seven applicants per job listing. This can vary based on expertise, location, and fees.

Commitment to Quality Leads

We work hard to ensure that the listings on our job board are highly relevant and timely. Our sourcing methods include online research, offline networking, memberships in professional organizations, and direct outreach to event organizers.

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