Fees and Commissions for Speakers

Understanding the SpeakerMatch Fee Structure

At SpeakerMatch, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent for our speakers. 

Here’s how our fee structure works:

You Keep Everything You Earn

That's right. Every dollar you make from your speaking engagements goes straight into your pocket. 

No commissions, no hidden fees—just pure earnings.

No Commissions

When you book a gig through SpeakerMatch, we don't take a cut. Whether it's from direct requests by meeting planners or applications via our job board, you keep 100% of your earnings. Other bureaus might snatch 25%—we think you deserve it all.

No Application Limits

Apply to as many opportunities as you like. Our platform doesn’t put a cap on your ambitions. More applications mean more chances to land the perfect gig.

We've Got Two Ways For You To Learn About Speaking Opportunities

  1. Direct Requests: Planners can reach out to you directly if they love your profile. Our tools help you create an irresistible, search-engine-optimized profile to draw them in.
  2. Job Board Postings: Browse and apply to any job on our board. Connect with planners through our online message board. One click, and you’re in the running.

Why Choose SpeakerMatch?

  • Keep All Your Earnings: No commissions. Ever.
  • Unlimited Applications: Go after every opportunity that excites you.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Build a compelling profile and access diverse job postings.
  • Supportive Community: Join a network of speakers and event planners committed to mutual success.

Ready to take control of your speaking career? Join SpeakerMatch and see the difference for yourself.