How do I edit my profile?

To edit elements of your profile, please follow these steps.

1. Log into your Member Center
2. In the menu bar click Profile

You'll see options to edit all of the different profile sections in the Profile submenu:

  • My Profile
    • Overview
    • Profile Boosters (Display Name, Speaking Fee, "Travels From" Location, Tagline, Headline, Keywords, External Website, eSpeakersID
    • Demographics (Birthdate, Genter, Ethnicity, Religion)
    • Contact Information (Name, Company, Billing Address)
    • Affiliations
  • My Profile Picture
  • My Story
  • My Audio Profile
  • My Programs
  • My Articles
  • My Blog
  • My Picture Album
  • My Videos
  • My Documents Library
  • My Testimonials
  • My Publications
  • My Awards

Note: Some sections may not be available for your subscription level.