How do I add video to my profile?

Adding a video to your SpeakerMatch profile is easy! Even though each video sharing service has minor differences, the following steps will walk you through the general process.

  1. Upload your video to a video sharing website if it is not already. YouTube and Vimeo are the most common services used and are both free.
  2. Copy the embed code:
  • If on YouTube:

It's not necessary to use the full YouTube embed code if your video is publicly available. Just paste in the public URL for your video.

If your video is Unlisted, you'll still need the embed code. To get that, click "share" then click "embed" and copy the code that looks like this:

<iframe width=560 ...>
If you'd like your YouTube video to be hidden publicly, be sure to set your video to Unlisted (not Private). Making it "Private" will prevent anyone from accessing your video without a direct link and you can still embed it on SpeakerMatch.
  • If on Vimeo: Click "embed", then copy the embed code that looks like this:
<iframe src= ...>
  1. Now that you have the embed code copied, you can go back to your SpeakerMatch profile and click on "My Videos"
  2. Click "Add new video"
  3. Paste the embed code (the code you just copied) in the "embed code" field and click "submit."

That's it!