Choosing a Custom URL

What is This Custom URL All About?

A URL is human-readable text that helps to identify the content on a web page. All SpeakerMatch profile pages are located under this URL structure:

Your custom URL is the part that follows that structure, in this format:

Setting your SpeakerMatch Custom URL will provide you with a unique web address for your SpeakerMatch profile. So, when planners come across your profile or you want to share your profile, there will be a nice, clean web address.

Benefits of a Custom URL

  • URLs are helpful to search engines when ranking web pages. By using simple keywords, names, and phrases they can better understand the content of the page.
  • A good URL will help people to better anticipate where a link will lead and what they'll see after they click the link.
  • A memorable is easy to share in blog and social media posts, on business cards and marketing materials, and even over the phone or other oral communication methods!

Tips for Creating a Perfect Custom URL

  1. Keep it simple, and not too long.
  2. Make it easily memorable.
  3. Use all lowercase letters. It will be most likely be displayed as all lowercase no matter what you enter.
  4. Other than a hyphen (-), do not use punctuation marks, spaces, or non-English characters.
  5. Be sure others will not easily misspell it. 
  6. In most cases, your name with a hyphen between the first and last name (i.e., firstname-lastname) is perfect.
  7. If you have an identifiable brand name or are associated with something like a well-known book title, you can use that. Because you can't later change the custom URL, though, be sure the name makes sense for the future.