What are the differences between Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscription plans?

Understanding SpeakerMatch Membership Plans

Silver Memberships Include:

  • Pay NO additional fees or commissions if you get booked!
  • On average, receive 20-50 speaking leads per month!
  • Access listings online, on your own time.
  • A listing in our Speaker Directory
  • Unlimited Job Applications
  • Video Applications
  • Personalized online profile pages with a custom URL
  • Screen your OWN opportunities! You decide if an opportunity is right for you!
  • Work directly with decision makers!
  • Receive requests directly from meeting planners
  • Edit your personal profile pages at any time
  • Get noticed by hundreds of meeting planners and industry professionals
  • FREE MARKETING and publicity: piggyback on SpeakerMatch advertising and promotions
  • Receive email notifications of available speaking opportunities
  • Add a biography, program description, and testimonials to better showcase your speaking abilities and credentials
  • Enhanced search engine optimization for your personal profile. This gives you added visibility in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

Gold and Platinum Memberships Include all of the above PLUS:

  • Add a blog, videos, program descriptions, testimonials, and more to better showcase your speaking abilities and credentials
  • Enhanced search engine optimization for your personal profile. This gives you added visibility in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
  • Submit UNLIMITED online applications for speaking opportunities! The whole process of receiving a new listing, submitting your materials, and receiving a response can be completed in a matter of MINUTES!
  • 5 Program Listings
  • 5 Videos
  • Picture Library
  • Speaker Blog

Platinum Only Features

  • Use our exclusive Audio Application system to respond to meeting planners!
  • Unlimited Program Listings
  • Unlimited videos
  • Audio Profile
  • Audio Applications
  • Audio File Library
  • Article Library
  • Document Library

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Description of Plan Features

  1. Speaker Profile Page: Your Speaker Profile Page is your professional storefront. It's where event planners first meet you, impressed by a blend of your bio, speaking topics, and unique value proposition. This page is your chance to shine, to stand out in the crowded speaking space. Think of it as your digital handshake, inviting and professional, ensuring that every organizer remembers your name.
  2. Program Listings: With Program Listings, you're not just listing services, you're showcasing solutions. Each program is a window into your expertise, tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences. This is your chance to demonstrate versatility and depth, capturing the imagination of event planners who are always on the lookout for dynamic, engaging speakers like you. 

    Discover Inspiration in Action: 
    Explore Creative Program Listings from Fellow Speakers here.
  3. Job Leads: Job Leads are your gateway to growth. This feature brings you the latest, most relevant speaking opportunities, hand-picked to match your unique skill set and interests. It's like having a personal agent scouting gigs for you, ensuring you never miss a chance to showcase your talents and expand your reach.
  4. Video Applications: Video Applications offer you a stage before the stage. They are your opportunity to make a powerful first impression, letting your personality and speaking style shine through. This feature helps you connect with your audience on a personal level, even before you've stepped into the spotlight.
  5. Video Library: Your Video Library is a testament to your speaking journey. It's an evolving collection of your best moments, showcasing your growth, range, and impact as a speaker. This visual portfolio is a powerful tool in convincing event organizers that you are the speaker they need.
  6. Picture Library: The Picture Library is your visual narrative. It's more than just images; it's the story of your speaking career, told through captivating photographs. From action shots on stage to engaging with audiences, these images form an emotional connection with potential clients, making them feel the energy and presence you bring to each event.
  7. Speaker Blog: Your Speaker Blog is your voice in the digital world. It's where you share insights, experiences, and tips, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field. This platform allows you to build a community around your brand, engaging with followers and turning readers into fans.
  8. Audio Profile: An Audio Profile adds a new dimension to your digital presence. Your voice, your tone, and your delivery style come to life, offering a sample of your speaking prowess. 

    Incorporating an Audio Profile into your offerings can significantly boost your chances of getting booked. Meeting planners are eager to hear what you sound like, gauging your energy and engagement levels through your voice. This feature allows you to showcase your unique speaking style, helping you stand out among other speakers. By giving organizers a preview of your dynamic delivery and enthusiasm, you're not just selling a speech – you're offering a memorable experience.
  9. Audio Applications: With Audio Applications, your voice leads the way. This feature allows you to apply for speaking opportunities using an audio clip, showcasing your clarity, tone, and passion. 

    Audio Applications on SpeakerMatch are a groundbreaking way for speakers to apply for jobs. Unlike traditional text-only applications, this feature acts like a voicemail that can't be lost or deleted: it's always available with your online application. Speakers can record a personalized, enthusiastic voice message for each job application, showcasing their energy and passion directly to the meeting planners. This unique approach not only elevates the speaker's application but also provides a compelling and memorable impression, greatly enhancing the likelihood of being booked for events.
  10. Audio File Library: The Audio File Library is your vocal portfolio. Here, you can upload speeches, interviews, and other audio content that demonstrates your expertise and speaking style. This library offers a rich, immersive experience for event planners, giving them a taste of your speaking abilities in a more intimate format.
  11. Article Library: Your Article Library is a showcase of your knowledge and writing skills. It’s where your expertise takes the form of engaging, informative content, solidifying your status as an industry expert. This feature allows you to share your insights and perspectives, further enhancing your credibility and appeal.
  12. Document Library: The Document Library is your showcase of written expertise, featuring everything from eBooks and whitepapers to articles and press releases. This curated collection demonstrates your extensive knowledge and dedication to your specialty. By offering these valuable documents, you not only enrich your audience's experience but also cement your status as an insightful, resource-rich speaker.

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