Can You Help Me Find A Local Speaker?

Of course! But a better question might be, "Can you help me find a speaker who's in the area so I can save on travel expenses?" Either way, the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Finding Local Speakers

While you might want a speaker who lives nearby, remember that many speakers are constantly traveling and may be in your area for other engagements. Here’s how you can take advantage of this:

Piggyback on Another Booking

Many speakers travel frequently and may already have events scheduled in your area. By booking them the day before or after their other event, you can significantly reduce travel expenses as those costs are being covered by someone else. This strategy allows you to get the speaker you want at a more affordable rate.

How SpeakerMatch Can Help

We’ll help you find speakers who:

  • Live Locally: Search for speakers who reside in your area.
  • Are Traveling: Identify speakers who have upcoming engagements near your location.

The Ideal Booking Strategy

The best approach is to:

  1. Find the Speaker You Want: Use our platform to search for speakers that match your event’s requirements.
  2. Check Their Availability: Look for opportunities to book them when they are already in your area.
  3. Save on Expenses: Benefit from reduced travel costs by piggybacking on another event.

Get Started

To find the perfect speaker for your event, visit our Speaker Directory or Post a Speaker Request on our job board. Let us help you find the right speaker who meets your needs and fits your budget.