Are Speakers' Posted Rates Negotiable?

Negotiating Speaker Fees and Enhancing Your Offer

Speaker fees are almost always negotiable. You can sweeten your offer with perks like these:

How to Negotiate Speaker Fees

Videography Services

Offer videography services to help the speaker create or enhance their demo reel. High-quality video footage of their presentation can be valuable for their future engagements.

Booking Multiple Events

Consider booking the speaker for multiple events at the same time. This can provide the speaker with more opportunities and make it worthwhile to offer a discounted rate.

Media Exposure

Provide media exposure through press releases, articles, radio, and TV appearances. This can significantly boost the speaker’s profile and add value beyond the speaking fee.

Purchasing Products and Services

Buy the speaker’s products and services, such as books, courseware, or consulting time. This supports their business and can be a compelling part of the negotiation.

Offering Your Organization's Products or Services

Offer products or services from your organization that might be valuable to the speaker. This can be an attractive addition to the overall package.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Offer sponsorship opportunities that align with the speaker's interests. This could include visibility at your event or through your organization's marketing channels.

Booking Workshops or Training

Book additional workshops or training sessions with the speaker. This can provide more value to your attendees and create a longer-term partnership with the speaker.

Donations to Charity

Make a donation to a speaker's favorite charity. This gesture can be a meaningful incentive, especially if the speaker is passionate about a particular cause.

Travel Perks

Enhance the travel experience with perks such as airfare for a spouse, additional hotel days, or spa treatments. These benefits can make the engagement more appealing.

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