How Do I Let Speakers Know About My Opportunity?

Informing Speakers About Your Event Opportunity

The easiest way to spread the word and get bids on your opportunity is to post a job using the SpeakerMatch Wizard Form. Here's how you can efficiently share your event opportunity with speakers:

Posting a Job

  1. Use the Wizard Form: Go to the SpeakerMatch Wizard Form and provide us with details about your event. This form will guide you through the necessary information, making the process quick and straightforward.
  2. Staff Review: After you submit your post, one of our staff members will review it. We may contact you for more information to ensure your listing is as effective as possible.
  3. Spreading the Word: Once approved, we’ll spread the word through our extensive network of speakers. You can expect to start receiving bids often within minutes.
  4. Review Responses: All responses from interested speakers will be available in your online Member Center. Here, you can review each bid and contact speakers directly.

Direct Requests

In addition to posting a job, you can also:

  1. Browse Our Directory: Visit our Speaker Directory to find speakers that match your event’s criteria.
  2. Send Direct Requests: Use the option to send a direct request to individual speakers you’re interested in. You'll find the speaker's Contact button on every speaker profile page. This allows for a more targeted approach, ensuring you reach out to speakers who fit your specific needs.

Get Started Today

Letting speakers know about your opportunity is easy and efficient with SpeakerMatch. Whether you post a job or send direct requests, our platform helps you connect with the right speakers quickly.

For more information or to get started, visit SpeakerMatch Post or explore our Speaker Directory.