Will I Get Lots of Phone Calls and Emails from Speakers if I Post a Job?

Managing Contact from Speakers When Posting a Job

Not if you don't want that. By default, your contact information is hidden from speakers and all contact is managed through our online system. Here's how we ensure your privacy and keep communication organized.

Privacy and Contact Management

Hidden Contact Information

When you post a job on SpeakerMatch, your contact information remains hidden from speakers. This means you won't receive direct phone calls or emails from speakers unless you choose to share your contact details with them.

Online System Notifications

All communication with speakers is conducted through our secure online system. You’ll receive notifications from us when there is something to review in your online inbox.

Email Notifications

We aim to keep your inbox uncluttered by limiting the number of emails you receive. Typically, you’ll get no more than one email per day from us, notifying you of new messages or updates related to your job posting.

How It Works

  1. Post a Job: Submit your speaker request using our job posting form.
  2. Review Proposals: Once speakers respond to your job posting, you can review their proposals in your online inbox.
  3. Manage Communication: Communicate with speakers directly through our online system, keeping your personal contact information private.

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