SpeakerMatch Ambassador Program

SpeakerMatch Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions

SpeakerMatch Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions Welcome! We're thrilled you're considering joining our Ambassador Program. Here's what you need to know to participate. Note: In this document, "SpeakerMatch" is referred to as the "Company," and you are known as the "Ambassador." The terms "Affiliate" and "Ambassador" are interchangeable in this context throughout our website and other materials. - Keep your links to the Company fresh and updated. Your attention to detail helps us al...

Interested in becoming a SpeakerMatch Ambassador?

The Ambassador Program (our affiliate program) is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income for yourself without any cost and very little obligation on your part. You simply - place a link to us somewhere on your site (text link or banner link), - send out a SpeakerMatch promotion to your list at least once every 90 days, - and notify us when you do send out a promotion. and we reward you by giving you 20% for every subscription you sell to our servic...

Redirecting Visitors to Target Pages

Redirecting Visitors to Target Pages Ambassadors can easily direct traffic to specific pages on the SpeakerMatch website and still earn credit! You know your list better than anyone else, and you know what your audience will respond to best. If there's a certain page on the SpeakerMatch website you would prefer to link to with your affiliate link, you can do it! All you need to do is add ?u={pagelink} to the end of your Ambassador link. NOTE: You can only send users on to other pages at s...


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