Redirecting Visitors to Target Pages

You know your list better than anyone else, and you know what your audience will respond to best. If there's a certain page on the SpeakerMatch website you would prefer to link to with your affiliate link, you can do it!

All you need to do is add "?u=" to the end of your affiliate link, with anything that would go after "". You can only send users on to other pages at 

So, for example, if this is your affiliate link:
And you'd like to send someone straight to this page:
You would format your link like this:

Note that you should not put a slash (/) right after the "?u=".

You can easily test this by clicking the link you make. There's now a screen that shows the referrer's name for a few seconds before sending the visitor to the final destination. If you see your name, you know the click has been tracked.

Simple, right?