What's The Difference Between Coaching, Training, And Workshop Options?

Speakers have the ability to offer different types of content delivery. Here's an overview of each type.

Keynote Speech

This is a standard presentation, where a speaker typically presents from a platform or stage at the front of the room to a seated audience. The presentation is largely — if not entirely — one-way (speaker to audience). An event may have several keynote presentations, including an Opening Keynote, General Session Keynotes, and Closing Keynotes. Keynote presentations are typically 30-90 minutes. Audience size can be 10 people to tens of thousands.

Virtual Delivery

This type of delivery can be one-way or interactive. It can also be pre-recorded, delivered live, or some combination. There are many varieties to this, but ultimately it means that the speaker and the attendees will not be in the same room together, and everyone will be attending via screens. Depending on the event, attendees may also participate via webcam and audio options.


This type of delivery is typically with a smaller audience (under 50 people), and there is an element of interactivity. Coaches may help an audience deal with a specific problem and work together to develop a plan of action. The plan of action is typically the deliverable in a coaching session. Coaching is generally delivered in half-day sessions.


These events are interactive and usually for a small audience (classroom size). The presenter will cover how to perform a specific task, a particular job, walk through a predefined plan, or operate software. The delivery is teacher/student classroom style. Training is typically delivered in half-day or full-day sessions. Some training may be multi-day.


These events are typically for smaller audiences, but they can be much larger than a training event. Workshop events may involve alternating periods of presenter delivery followed by interactive role-play, discussion sessions, or other activity. Workshops are typically delivered in half-day or full-day sessions. Some workshops may be multi-day.