What's The Difference Between Coaching, Training, And Workshop Options?

Understanding Various Content Delivery Methods for Speakers

Speakers have the ability to offer different types of content delivery. Here's an overview of each type.

Keynote Speech

A standard presentation where the speaker addresses a seated audience from a platform or stage. Keynotes are typically 30-90 minutes long and can cater to audiences ranging from 10 to tens of thousands. Types of keynote presentations include Opening Keynotes, General Session Keynotes, and Closing Keynotes.

Virtual Delivery

Content delivered remotely, which can be one-way or interactive, pre-recorded, live, or a combination. Both the speaker and attendees participate via screens, with potential webcam and audio interaction.


Interactive sessions usually for under 50 people. Coaches help the audience address specific problems and develop action plans, typically delivered in half-day sessions.


Interactive events for small audiences, focusing on specific tasks, jobs, or software operations. Delivered in a teacher/student classroom style, training sessions can be half-day, full-day, or multi-day events.


Workshops are interactive events for small to large audiences. They alternate between presenter delivery and activities like role-play or discussions. Workshops are typically half-day or full-day sessions, but some may extend to multiple days.