Taking Action During Coronavirus/COVID-19

What's Happening In The Speaking Industry Amid COVID-19 Uncertainties?

Like you probably are right now, I'm practicing social distancing and hunkering down as the planet fends itself off from the Covid-19 pandemic. My oldest son is on the way home from college for the rest of the school year. My middle son and daughter are home from school and I'm expecting them to be going stir crazy soon. As a small business owner like many of you, I understand how this time can be especially stressful. I'm trying to do what I can to feel like I'm doing something productive. By t...


If you make money as a public speaker as I do, you know how difficult this period has been with so many conferences being postponed. But you can still make money by monetizing your expertise through online courses, which people have more time to view now. In times of crisis, don't underestimate the importance of cash flow. If you're a speaker who's had gigs cancel, focus on booking spots that are 6+ months from now, and ask for a 50% deposit so you have some cash to cushion these next few months...

Virtual Summits - A way to combat Corona Virus

Last year, I embarked on a journey to create my first Messenger Marketing & Chatbot Virtual Summit. I interviewed over 25 Messenger Marketing Experts. It's a great way for Professional Speakers to supplement their income. So, try your hand at Virtual Summits. You'll be glad you did. Learn more here: https://gum.co/chatbot
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Assessing speaker capabilities

How are you assessing a speaker's ability to deliver a dynamic presentation in a virtual format?