Offer a "normal speaker fee range" to positions to inform meeting planners better.

Jun 12 (11 months ago)
Jody Holland wrote
I have been speaking professionally for 20+ years now and decided last year that a service like Speaker Match might help me step up my game a bit more.

The fees offered by the planners on here have not typically reflected what a professional speaker would normally get for their services.

I believe that the planners who use the system should go through some type of orientation explaining what a professional speaker normally gets, or have a way to mark fee ranges for a job.

It is overly frustrating to look at job postings, like today (6-12-18) for someone to explain the importance of being willing to pay top dollar for luxury items and then see that the fee and expense cap is anything but luxury. I cracked up looking at it.

A rating system with ranges would be better than pick anything from free to whatever as a planner.
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Jun 25 (10 months ago)
Paul agent wrote
Thank you for your suggestions. A few pieces of information that might provide additional insight as to how we operate and what to expect. Please let us know if any questions come up.

1) We advertise our services to "emerging professional speakers." If you're (1) not earning a full-time living through speaking, and (2) you aren't earning at least $5,000 per speech, we consider you to be an "Emerging" speaker. We still receive requests above this amount, but most often the organizations we work with have smaller budgets than a full service agency.

2) The planners do have a scale of fee ranges to choose from (the same as you do on your end within your profile settings). If they choose "Negotiable" or "Free" we suggest they be more specific or offer something (at least to cover travel). It doesn't always work, but we do try.

3) We almost always encourage the planners to reach out to us if they have questions or need help figuring out what an attractive speaking fee would look like.

I hope this information helps. Let us know if we've overlooked any of your concerns.
Nov 30 (5 months ago)
Rob Vieira wrote
This feedback is enlightening, but a bit disheartening. While there was the notion of being on a "Emerging Speakers List" in the sales pitch to me, there was nothing that represented that the organizations you "work with have smaller budgets than a full service agency". As quoted above, it very much gives the impression that full service fees do appear on the site, but are the exception rather than the rule. It does seem to agree with what I've seen in the few days I've been using the site.

If how I've read the distribution of jobs above is accurate, you may want to review how ethical your representation of your service is, as, for me personally, it seems to be brushing up with a line. Time will tell as I get more experience with your listings, but my gut is wondering if you're on the wrong side of that line. That isn't to say there isn't value in the site, but how you represent yourself matters.
Dec 04 (5 months ago)
Bryan agent wrote
We certainly don't intend to deceive or mislead anyone. Our service is targeted to emerging speakers, with the goal of helping speakers build a sustainable speaking business. We provide tools and services to help them in that effort.

It's a challenge to get booked... and it can take lots of follow up, stamina, and persistence with meeting planners to turn a lead into a booking. But it's not possible to get a job you don't know about. The great benefit of the SpeakerMatch service is not just that you can find planners actively seeking speakers, but that meeting planners can find you.

Your profile pages are optimized for SEO, to increase your visibility to search engines. We provide tools for speakers and planners to interact, so we aren't hampering communication. We make it simple for speakers to share their SpeakerMatch profile pages with planners and others. Our regular teleseminar series is designed to give emerging speakers information they need to build a sustainable business. And we are always providing members with tips, advice, and resources to help them.

We don't ever make any promises of results in getting booked, because there are too many variables involved — like the speaker's capabilities, follow-up and marketing skills, event locations, fee ranges, competition, etc.

SpeakerMatch is a micro-business. We understand the importance of doing it right, and we can't afford to sully our reputation by misleading people in any way. So if we're not making all of the above clear on our site, please let us know where you think our messaging could be improved and we'll address it. If you have specific examples of where you feel we approach an ethical line, let us know that as well so we can clean that up.

Also, please note that we offer a full satisfaction, 8-week money-back guarantee on our service. The intention of that is to allow you to make sure the service we provide aligns with the service you expect. We don't want to keep your money if you don't feel you're receiving value for your investment.