Offer a "normal speaker fee range" to positions to inform meeting planners better.

Jun 12 (10 days ago)
Jody Holland wrote
I have been speaking professionally for 20+ years now and decided last year that a service like Speaker Match might help me step up my game a bit more.

The fees offered by the planners on here have not typically reflected what a professional speaker would normally get for their services.

I believe that the planners who use the system should go through some type of orientation explaining what a professional speaker normally gets, or have a way to mark fee ranges for a job.

It is overly frustrating to look at job postings, like today (6-12-18) for someone to explain the importance of being willing to pay top dollar for luxury items and then see that the fee and expense cap is anything but luxury. I cracked up looking at it.

A rating system with ranges would be better than pick anything from free to whatever as a planner.
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